Vicky Elderton (Hsiang-wen Shih)
Director of Spring of Life Therapy
TCM Practitioner / Registered NDIS Provider

Master of Research (Chinese Medicine: Spinal Chord Injury)

Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bachelor of Health Science

Western Sydney University

Internship at Nanjing TCM hospital, China

Nanjing Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diploma of Remedial Therapy

The Australian College of Eastern Medicine


Vicky was born and educated in Taiwan and has lived in Australia for the past 20 years. 

She has long held the belief that our bodies are more than a combination of chemical reactions and electrical impulses. When ill health occurs, Vicky employs a holistic and comprehensive approach to understanding causes of the problem based on profound and ancient Chinese wisdom. 

She endeavours to communicate this clearly to the patient along with associated procedures enabling a combined healing process where she is the facilitator of the patient's own healing. 

Vicky is experienced in assessing a wide range of conditions including women's health, insomnia, tinnitus, infertility, weight loss, cancer support, Bell's palsy, sport injury and more.

She also provides therapeutic support for spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, MS and Parkinson's.

At Spring Of Life Therapy, we offer a comprehensive range of therapies for pain relief, relaxation and support for various ailments.

The clinic is located in Moss Vale in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.